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Predictive HR Analytics

Tilburg University

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The masterclass Predictive HR Analytics enables you to make better informed, evidence-based decisions by predicting the consequences of future HR investments and interventions. This is of tremendous value to your organization. So get ready to rethink your transactional HR reporting approach and move to transformational HR predicting. In 3 days, the Professional Learning program Predictive HR Analytics will teach you all you need to know to implement this approach and take HR to the next level.

Maximize organizational performance through Predictive HR Analytics

During the Predictive HR Analytics program, a group of international top professors and practitioners will address all facets to effectuate a successful predictive HR analytics strategy. They will teach you how to get insight into future scenarios and the effects of future human capital investments, which helps you respond proactively to human capital developments.

After following our Predictive HR Analytics program, you are able show HR's worth by using effective HR analytics, organize HR analytics within your own organization, and implement HR analytics in such a way that it adds value to the company strategy. You can quantify and evaluate HR decisions by linking financial data and HR data. As a result, you will predict potential risks in human capital and make better informed decisions about human capital. You are able to assess and predict the ROI of HR instruments as well. Furthermore, you know how to communicate the findings from your data analysis in a convincing way - which is essential for getting the necessary support from your organization.

What makes this program unique?

  • The masterclass Predictive HR Analytics goes beyond HR analytics and focuses on transformational people predictions. You learn how to embed predictive HR analytics into your HR Strategy and how to use your findings to convince others.
  • The masterclass is developed at the prestigious Human Resources department at Tilburg University, which has obtained international recognition with its high-quality academic research in the HRM field.
  • The mix of professors in conjunction with leading HR professionals leads to a strong academic program with a practical approach.
  • Your peer participants will make sure that the class opens up a high-quality network of HR specialists. The diversity of leading companies from different sectors in the classroom creates new insights for all the participants.
  • The program is like a 3-day pressure cooker. By combining online and offline components, we can create more in-depth discussions in the classroom.
  • You will experience a high impact on your daily practice, since the program is focused on direct implementation.

Day 1 - Foundations of HR analytics

5 June 2018
Location: Tilburg
Speakers: Prof. Jaap Paauwe, Paul van der Laken MSc

In the morning, Prof. Jaap Paauwe will cover the foundations of HR strategy. He will supply you with the necessary theoretical background on HR strategy and organizational performance. In addition, he will discuss HR strategy alignment: how HRM analytics can add to the overall performance and strengthen the HR strategy and decision making processes. Furthermore, he will discuss the ultimate HR switch - how you can move from transactional HR reporting to transformational HR predicting.

During the afternoon, Paul van der Laken MSc will talk about HR metrics and analytics. After an introduction on HR analytics, he will discuss the 4 levels of HR Analytics: the opportunities and pitfalls of HR metrics, connecting HR data sources, longitudinal data research, big data & machine learning. Afterwards, he will go over interpreting HR reports and the opportunities for your organization.

In the evening, you and your fellow participants are asked to develop a case: formulate HR analytics objectives and questions through critical thinking.

Day 2 - Deep-dive into predictive HR Analytics

12 June 2018
Location: JADS campus, 's-Hertogenbosch
Speakers: Prof. Wayne Cascio, Prof. Jaap Paauwe, Paul van der Laken MSc

The subject of the morning and evening of this second day is 'Predictive HR Analytics: HR analytics at an advanced level'. Prof. Wayne Cascio breaks this up into 5 topics:

  • Introduction, Big Data and Talent Analytics: Driving More Effective Decision-Making
  • Talent Analytics: Why Are We Not There Yet?
  • Analytical Foundations of HR Measurement
  • Predictive Analysis Framework: Step-By-Step Analysis (using Excel)
  • Interpreting Statistical Results, Storytelling with Data

In the evening, all participants will work on their cases again - supervised by leading experts. They will help you implement the Predictive Analysis Framework.

Day 3 - Making sense of HR Analytics in practice

Date: 19 June 2018
Location: Tilburg
Speakers: Dr. Luc Dorenbosch, Dr. Dagmar Beudeker, Dr. Mariëlle Sonnenberg

In the morning, Dr. Luc Dorenbosch and Dr. Dagmar Beudeker, will help you implement HR analytics in practice. You will learn how to translate analytics to the HR practice and organize HR analytics in practice. Dorenbosch and Beudeker also show you how to make an impact on the stakeholders of your organization by using HR analytics. Last but not least, they will go through some practical examples and wrap up the lessons learned.

During the afternoon, Dr. Mariëlle Sonnenberg will teach you how to build up HR analytics in practice. She illustrates this with a very inspiring case from Wolters Kluwer. After this, you will learn the art of storytelling. Sonnenberg will show you how data can help you tell better (meaning: more convincing) stories.

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