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CPSM e-Learning Module 1 Foundation 
of the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Education

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he e-Learning Module 1 Foundation 
of the Supply Chain gives you 12month's access to the eLearning system if you need extra time you can renewthe acces with 12 month's in the webshop.
Welcome to the exciting world of CPSM - Certified Professional in Supply Management.
Let's now overview Module One which will be our immediate focus. Keep in mind that Module One is the Foundation of Supply Management and will provide you with a grounding in this key area. As illustrated in the slide below, the focus of Module One is on six key areas with their corresponding weightings and number of exam questions.

What this means is that of the 150 (+ 15 "no count") questions on the Module One exam:

  • 32 questions will be on Contracting and Negotiation (21%)
  • 22 questions will be on Cost and Finance (21%)
  • 17 questions will be on International Issues (12%)
  • 14 questions will be on Social Responsibility (10%)
  • 20 questions will be on Sourcing (13%)
  • 35 questions will be on Supplier Relationship Management (23%)

Although you may feel that you invented "multi-tasking" and you do many duties that may not officially be recorded in your job description, just what is a purchasing and supply manager? Consider the definition provided by "Dilbert," the hit-home parody of the modern business enterprise.

"The job of procurement isn't as easy as it sounds." It mostly involves preventing people from getting stuff they need to do their jobs. Most dinosaurs worked in procurement before they went into hiding. Many of them starved to death while waiting for a purchase order for edible vegetation. Others evolved into birds primarily in the penguin family. Those who survived carried on the tradition." - Dilbert

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