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CPIM Module 2. Master Planning of Resources

Supply Chain Education

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The e-Learning Module 2. Master Planning of Resources gives you 12 month's access to the eLearning system if you need extra time you can renew the acces with 12 month's in the webshop.

Welcome to the exciting world of Module 2, MPR - Master Planning of Resources,
which is second in the five part CPIM series.

Now that you have learned the basic principles of supply chain management (BSCM),
it is now time to move into the four key areas of Master Planning of Resources,

The exam has 75 questions, divided approximately as follows:

  • 19 questions will be on Master Scheduling (25%)
  • 19 questions will be on Demand Management (25%)
  • 19 questions will be on Sales & Operations Planning (25%)
  • 19 questions will be on Distribution Planning (25%)

Recognizing all demands for goods and services to support the marketplace
Bringing together all the plans for the business
Disaggregating the production plan into an executable schedule
Planning the distribution network and replenishment

Concepts like Forecasting, Forecasting errors, Forecasting techniques must be understood and dealt in depth because they form a considerable portion in the exam. Understand what are S&OP meetings. What is the difference between marketing plan, sales plan and production plan? Are they connected? How they affect each other? Actually there is a beautiful flow that shows how raw market data is taken and changed into useful and meaningful production data. Also, not just beautiful, it is also a standard industry practice. So if you happened to have work in these areas, you'll have an edge while preparing.

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