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Understanding corporate financing structure

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

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Finance for non-financials portfolio

In the general Finance for non-financials portolio, this programme represents the M4 - part of level 3 (see introductory section). Participants registering to this module are expected to have a prior knowledge in financial statement analysis and on the fundamentals of finance (see topics covered in module 1 and 2).


The main objective of this programme is to give a global comprehension of the financing structure of a company through the analysis of the different mechanisms and criteria.



Thanks to a strong experience in both academic and business world, our faculty perfectly associates academic knowledge to practical expertise. Case studies and group works combined to ex-cathedra sessions, make the course extremely interactive and enriching for all the participants who will then benefit from continous exchanges with professors and peers.

The programme is adressed to managers and executives with no advanced financial background. More precisely, participants are expected to be familiar with the concepts explored in module 1 and 2.

During a two-day course, the following topics will be covered:


  • differences between asset, equity and debt financing
  • evaluation process in terms of financing needs and financial impacts of the financing structure
  • use of the WACC
  • analysis of the capital structure fallacies
  • tax benefits of debt and its limits

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Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Ja
Doorlooptijd 2 dagen
Type Specialised master for professionals
Kosten (indicatie) Tussen de €1350 en €2700
Titulatuur Geen titel
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Afronding Certificaat