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The Specialised Series in Finance

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

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Continuous education in finance for experienced financial professionals (or indeed Executive Master in Finance Alumni), Solvay Brussels School's Specialised Series in Finance aims to be your number one source for innovative concepts, knowledge updates and thematic education in the sector of finance.


You've been searching to perfect your knowledge or to discover a particular theme in your on-going career path or even a specific business requirement? Each module proposes a subject presented cross-sectionally through the disciplines required for its understanding and mastering.


These series constitute an excellent continuous education in finance and can be tailored to your  needs, as you can choose any subject individually. Some of these thematic modules are still provided in “bundles” for a particular objective, such as a certification for example. Please take a look at the various forms per module available or at the list provided on the website. Each module termsheet presents in detail the learning outcomes and the outline that can be expected.




The list is updated on an opportunistic basis, i.e. we keep monitoring the themes that our alumni network and corporate clients request whilst locating the top-notch lecturers that might perfectly provide the required delivery with a proven experience in the topic. Some modules are even animated by various lecturers when a subject is multidisciplinary, such as Mergers and Acquisitions, for example, where tax, legal, financial and industrial issues arise.


The great particularity of these specialized modules is also their delivery. We pretend to propose a very diversified series of specific subjects and to be able to offer each module for classes starting from a size of 7 participants.


The modules do not involve any grading but require active participation and preparation.




The key quality advantage of the EMF and its specialised series is the capacity of the Solvay Brussels School to have identified for you those top-notch worldwide lecturers with a specific background in each theme. Each lecturer combines a long-standing  experience in the topic together with an academic structure and pedagogy.




Our potential theme list includes: Each module offer or bundle of modules offered is presented after this short presentation with its own form. Please contact us to get the latest list.


  • Challenging Basel II & III: uses and pitfalls
  • Practice on Market Structure and Organisation
  • The management of IPOs
  • Liquidity Management and Funding Consequences
  • Financial Econometrics for Quants
  • Islamic Finance in the Conventional Economy
  • Corporate Ratings Methodologies by the main rating agencies
  • Financial History: “Déjà vu” for a better future awareness
  • Corporate Debt Structuring in the context of Basel III current implementation
  • Financial Modelling in Excel
  • Volatility and Tail Risk
  • Hedge Accounting and Efficiency Testing
  • New Evolutions in Commodity Trading
  • Data Modelling in Finance
  • Understanding the Multiple Forms of Financing
  • Understanding Credit Risk
  • ...




A proven relevant experience in finance or in a related domain and English proficiency are the main admission criteria.


Some of the modules or bundles of modules might require additional pre-requisites depending on the case. The admission requirements will be precisely specified on each module’s form.


* Every single module can be taken apart, for a fee of 700 EUR per day session, each module comprising a given number of sessions (2,3,4). Some modules are bundled into a special delivery and therefore are presented in the attached forms with their global fee for those candidates wishing to register to a whole bundle.



Each module comprises 2, 3 or 4 day sessions of 7 hours each. Day sessions take place invariably on Fridays and Saturdays. Each module is individually located in the current proposed calendar. In the case you or your firm would like to have another instance of the same course at another point in time, this can be examined and arranged with our coordination.


Register date limit

Registrations take place all the year and are closed one week before the start of each module.



Solvay Brussels School, Av. F.D. Roosevelt, 42, 1050 Brussels


Tuition fees

700€ per day session. For those modules constituting a bundle, a different global fee is applied. Please refer to the specific module for precise information on prices.

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