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Crisis Communication

RSM Corporate Communication Centre

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Every organisation has to deal with issues, internally and externally. But when does an issue become a real crisis? And how can you use communication to prevent a potential crisis, or how do you manage the existing crisis? How should you approach your different stakeholders? And how do you manage your company's reputation during these high pressure times in crisis?

This three-day programme covers all aspects of crisis communication, including: general communication strategy, crisis definition, crisis anticipation, crisis preparation, effective communication during a crisis, and finally, crisis prevention.


A combination of lectures, real-life case discussions, video clips, and interactive exercises are used to teach this material in a highly engaging manner. The programme is led by prof. Paul Argenti, a world-renowned expert in corporate communication.

Day 1 focuses on:

  • The strategy behind all communications
  • The changing environment for businesses
  • Crisis communication framework
  • 2 case studies

Day 2 focuses on:

  • Communicating during a crisis
  • Communicating following a crisis
  • 2 case studies

Day 3 focuses on:

  • Corporate responsibility, and how it can lead to as well as prevent crises
  • Reputation risk analysis framework
  • Case study

Key benefits

By participating in this course, you will:

  • learn how to identify crises, and become familiar with crisis characteristics
  • ​learn common mistakes that lead to crisis escalation
  • become familiar with specific tools to apply before, during, and after a crisis hits, as well as some general frameworks that will help you conquer a crisis situation, and ideally, prevent crises from happening in the first place
  • learn how to anticipate potential risk areas ahead of time, and as a result, behave more proactively once a crisis does, in fact, strike
  • distinguish between different communication channels when sending a message to employees, consumers, and the media at large during high-pressure crisis times
  • think strategically about communication and become more confident in dealing with all aspects of crisis communication.

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