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Rotterdam Business School

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Rotterdam Business School

"Rotterdam Business School offers inspiration for a lifetime in a world of opportunities." In 1966, representatives from various Rotterdam companies laid the foundation for this motto by establishing the first Business Administration Bachelor's Degree programme in the Netherlands. Since then, the Rotterdam Business School has been at the forefront of innovating and developing professional study programmes on a Bachelor and Master level. In addition to the Executive MBA programme, we also offer three one-year master's programmes: Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship, Master in Finance and Accounting and Master in Logistics Management.

Rotterdam University

Rotterdam University (a University of Applied Sciences) is a leading and practically-oriented knowledge institute where more than 32,000 students work towards developing knowledge and skills. This institute has a strong bond with the city of Rotterdam as well as the region. This is expressed in a variety of ways, including the typical Rotterdam mentality and working method: pragmatic, solution-oriented and enterprising. Students acquire competencies that are not only relevant for the region, but can also be applied anywhere in the world. A continuous exchange of knowledge takes place with the regional business community, with the latter not only taking advantage of the knowledge that we offer but also actively contributing to the institute. There is intensive contact with the regional business sector based on the facilitation of mutual learning and development. 'Exceed expectations' is the motto of the University. We encourage our students to aim a little higher and achieve more than they believe is possible.

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  • Drs Leo Klienbannink MBA
    Drs Leo Klienbannink MBA
    Directeur van toelating
  • Drs Margriet Verbrugge MSc
    Drs Margriet Verbrugge MSc
    Directeur van toelating
  • Drs. G. M. Molier
    Drs. G. M. Molier
  • Drs. Leo Klienbannink MBA
    Drs. Leo Klienbannink MBA
    Programma manager
Strong management focus

The Rotterdam Business School MBA met all my needs perfectly. I needed to work full-time, and the flexibility given in this programme has helped me to complete my MBA but also be able to perform at work. Attending lectures at RBS conducted by people from the business field and at the same time inter-acting with students was an important part of choosing this course. The RBS MBA was challenging, rewarding and has given me new skills that I can immediately put into practice. For me is was a top quality experience in every aspect.

With increasing globalization, it is no longer good enough to rely solely on experience, it is becoming more important to have a professional qualification. There are no longer ‘jobs for life’ and it is important to make yourself more marketable and have the qualifications to support your experience. The RBS MBA has enabled me to do that. The programme was demanding but very rewarding.

Subject wise there were two factors I especially liked about the programme. First the focus on technology, modern managers nowadays have to be well informed on the latest technological trends and be able to make important strategic decision. The modules of Management of Technology and Innovation, Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management gave me the opportunity to professionalise myself in this field and has helped me and my company greatly in implementing new innovative business plans.

The second factor is the strong focus in the programme on management development. With a personal coach you work on those aspects you find important and work on improving them. I worked on developing and improving my leadership skills, after finishing the course I feel a lot more confident about myself and the way I lead my team.

Jesse de Vries (Product Coordinator), Shimano Europe BV