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Agile & Scrum (English)


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The Agile / Scrum Project Management course is intended for project managers, clients, and teams who are consideringto use Agile. Agile projects do not depend on a predefined project result and are therefore well suited to creative projects, including software projects, product development, and innovation. The course is also interesting for advanced project leaders who want to expand their knowledge and skills

New: training day + e-learning + exam
We added an e-learning and exam module to the Agile and Scrum training. Although you will already have a good understanding of Agile after the training day and will be able to get started with it, the e-learning module will help you to deepen your knowledge about Agile. You can also do a Scrum Master / Agile Coach exam here and get a certificate if you like.

The Agile method originally emerged from software development and ICT projects, but it is used at a much broader level today. Examples include research projects, innovative projects, organisational improvements, product development and projects in the creative sector. The object of Agile techniques is to maintain control of projects and achieve the very best result (a better result!) despite the changeable nature of these projects. Another goal is to utilise the creativity of team members as much as possible.

During this course, you will learn how to implement an Agile project. We work with the most important Agile methods, so you will not be stuck with a particular school or stream. For example, the traditional waterfall model, Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUM, DSDM and other methods.

Prior knowledge needed: some basic knowledge of project management (waterfall model) is useful but not necessary.

Agile for non-ICT projects?
Agile and Scrum originated in the world of software development. Although Agile is also being used outside this world, Agile works especially well in projects where something has to be designed and made in successive steps. This can be software, but also hardware, websites, works of art, inventions, research settings, design items, toys, new machines and the like.

Recently, initiatives have been taken to apply Agile to administrative environments or marketing and communications organizations. Although we do not rule out that Agile may offer benefits in such environments, we often see that only a limited part of the Agile tool is used in such an environment. This course deals with the entire Agile range. If you are not involved in projects where something is being developed and created, certain elements of the Agile methodology can not be applied in your organization.

The Agile course is in English and is can take place both incompany as at our open subscription dates.

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