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Master of Business Administration

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Justification and orientation

The Master of Business Administration is a business-oriented, academic degree programme that offers students a solid academic background of and insights into economics and management. Students acquire skills and develop attitudes to analyse and solve complex, business-related problems on national or international level by means of scientifically sound methods. They will be able to contribute to various multidisciplinary research projects in a creative and independent way. Graduates will be prepared to grow in a professional environment and ultimately end up in an executive position in enterprises, governmental and other organisations. A graduate, who aims to become an entrepreneur, will be well-prepared to find a job on the labour market. However, a MA of Business Administration might also start a career as a researcher because of his/her advanced knowledge of business economics. HUBrussel offers the student the possibility to put acquired knowledge and insights into practice, being the business and research environment. In this way, the programme differs from similar theoretical programmes that mainly train analytic thinkers. A HUBrussel student broadens its academic knowledge and acquires skills necessary to function adequately in complex situations and to anticipate changes in the evolving business and research world. The relevance of economic course contents is adjusted to the current business environment. A personalised learning path is developed and students are offered multidisciplinary, real-life, business-projects with input from prominent managers. As such, the programme has a strong business-oriented dimension. Both the European and international context are taken into account, also due to HUBrussel's unique location. Students choose one graduation subject on the basis of their interests and abilities. The following graduation subjects are on offer: General Management, Accountancy, Taxation, Finance & Risk Management, ICT Management, International Relations, HRM and Marketing. As a result, HUBrussel students are of great value on the labour market. They acquired a variety of skills that enables them to function in different professional situations. The programme at HUBrussel differs from similar programmes in other schools since it offers a unique combination of HUBrussel competences, i.e. applicability, life long learning, ability to reflect and learn independently, international orientation, respect for the person as a whole and the ability to cooperate in a constructive and sustainable way.


The competence profile consists of three competence clusters: - HUBrussel-competences - general competences - domain-related competences. Each cluster is then divided up into competence domains. Each degree programme offered at HUBrussel strongly focuses on the HUBrussel-competences. Therefore, the six competence domains of the HUBrussel-competence cluster are identical for all degree programmes. However, each degree programme might determine autonomously how it wants to translate HUBrussel-competences into domain-related competences. General competences especially focus on behavioural skills. No distinction is made between skills and attitudes (being allowed to do something, wanting to do something, and being able to do something). Acting and thinking in a scientific way is also classified under general competences. Examples of competence domains in the general competence cluster are: thinking and acting scientifically, problem-solving behaviour, managerial skills, entrepreneurship, creativity and initiative, quality awareness, customer-oriented behaviour, analytical thinking, and formation of judgment. Domain-related competences are knowledge-related and of a more "technical" nature. They are "related" to the "domain" of the degree programme. The domain may be related to a well-determined vocational field as well as to a certain scientific-disciplinary delimitation. E.g. in the former case "competence domains" may be defined as "a role played" or "a function fulfilled" by a professional. In the latter case one may prefer a more traditional classification into fields of knowledge (e.g. legal aspects of company management, functioning of people and organisations, basic concepts from international business).

This is an initial Master's programme and can be followed on a full-time or part-time basis.

Niveau WO
Vorm Duaal
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Nee
Type MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Kosten €890
Titulatuur MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Benodigde taalkennis Nederlands
Startmaand september
Afronding Diploma
Credits 60