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'The soul of business services'

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"Basically people do not want to buy a drill, they
simply want a hole in the wall ….."

The Master Class "The Soul of Business Services" creates awareness regarding 'servitization' and the way beyond this. It offers insights in all the complex process steps to deliver
successful business services and assesses the participants on the most important required
competencies. This transformation is not an obvious process. It is about finding new business models, implementing new organisational structures and changing the way performance is managed. It is about changing the mind-set of the company. This requires a clear vision and new leadership, but above all this requires a services competent workforce.


The Master Class is a 13 sessions programme in which participants learn to transform their business into a true service provider.

The master class addresses topics like:

  • Why is servitization (and going beyond this) so important?
  • What is a services identity?
  • How to earn money with services?
  • Awareness regarding the value and the costs of services
  • Motivations for differences in service oriented organizations
  • What does "partners in services" really mean? Does the customer become a partner?
  • Services = Innovation, cooperation, creating sustainable added value related to social themes
  • Bringing processes, systems, people together to obtain a customer oriented solution
  • Strategy - which services supplier do you want to be and why?
  • Creating the service mindset : think customer, listen to the customer

Aimed at?

Business Services are aimed at business people, to help and support them in being successful in what they are doing. Services add value to a company's products and services. Delivering good Business Services takes a completely different approach than product manufacturing companies are used to.

Entry level

The entry level required is a bachelor level with at least 3 years working experience. We work in small groups (8 - 12 people), with a mix of participants (max. 3 per company) to ensure a valuable and rich exchange of experiences and personal development .


All participants will receive a certificate and an individual overview of their Business Services competency level.


For further details please look at the information in the extended brochure which you can download on the right side of this page, or send an email to BSS@fontys.nl and we will contact you.

Niveau Post-HBO
Vorm Part-time
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Ja
Type Post-hbo / Post-bachelor
Kosten (indicatie) Meer dan €4550
Titulatuur Geen titel
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Provincie Limburg
Afronding Certificaat